The spirit
l'esprit huc-dumas
France is a country of art, history and excellence. Humbly following on from these values while respecting this incomparable craftsmanship is a privilege, and working with the buyers who have the will to revive these houses is a commitment. But not only that, we also share with them aesthetic emotion, mystery and sometimes memories. "
With more than ten years of experience in the real estate market selling distinguished houses in the region of Toulouse, François-Xavier Huc-Dumas will use his greatest attention and discretion to assist you in finding the house of your dream in the South -West of France.
His skills, both in the legal field and in the approach to renovation, guarantee a high quality service, combining transparency and integrity, either for the purchase or sale of your property. François-Xavier Huc-Dumas works with 3G Immo consulting group and thus benefits from a network of managers and financial partners in France and abroad.
He has forged his knowledge through the media, politicians, musicians and international artists. This cosmopolitan energy, the passion for culture and the respect for architectural heritage he shows are genuine assets that will create new encounters, full of meaningful exchanges and will most likely lead you to discovering the house of your dreams. The emotion to discover these exceptional properties and the happiness to share them...
François-Xavier Huc-Dumas